While sitting on a paint bucket and  meditating on the SUN GUN  I saw it!  The SUN OF A GUN. The SUN OF A GUN is a smaller version of the of the SUN GUN.  It will work with any telescope. 

I use a Homedepot Homer’s bucket. Turn the bucket upside down and with a 1.75” hole saw cut a hole in the center of the bottom.

Mount a 1.25” clamp connector for nm cable, in this hole. with the clamp mounted on the out side. Use two conduit locknuts, one on the outside the other on the inside. Replace the screws that come with the clamp with  #10-24 x 1.50”.

Use a 36” rubber tarp strap through the handle to make the bucket level with the scope. Use on a telescope with a lens of 4" or less, or stop down a larger  scope to 4" or less. You may have to have the eyepiece stick out of the focuser one half inch so you can  reach focus.

A 15" square piece of  rear projection screen  is mounted to the top of the paint bucket with a 48” wire tie or a large rubber band. Lay the rear projection screen on top of the bucket, dull side facing out. Connect the wire tie so it just fits over the rear projection screen and the top lip of the bucket. Tighten the wire tie under the lip of the bucket and adjust the rear projection screen tight across the top of the bucket, it should look like a drum when done. Cut the excess screen off, leave ½" of screen below the wire tie for future adjustment.

Mount a eyepiece to the clamp, 15mm or 18mm with  a #12 yellow filter.